The Würth Group’s Code of Compliance defines the rules of conduct for all employees of the Group; it is regarded as a guideline for day-to-day work and to help make decisions in accordance with the regulations and values of the Würth Group, designed to protect the Group and its employees.

It is not just a matter of complying with rules and laws, but of considering the personal attitude of employees as an essential element for the success of the company.

Unifix promotes this modus operandi, which is the compass that guides us in behaving with integrity in our dealings with each other and with our business partners.

Speak Up Hotline

The corporate culture of the Würth Group is based on mutual trust, fairness, integrity and loyalty, both within and outside the Group. As a subsidiary of the Würth Group, Unifix considers it of paramount importance to counter unlawful and criminal behaviour as well as violations of the Compliance Code.

Despite all our intentions to abide by rules and laws, we cannot generally exclude the possibility that misconduct by persons may also occur within our company. 

This is why the BKMS (Business Keeper Monitoring System) was created, a communication platform through which employees, customers, suppliers and third parties can provide concrete information on possible violations of the law or other illegal behaviour. This system allows you to send reports anonymously: by creating a protected mailbox, you can communicate your reports while preserving your anonymity. Of course, your communications will always be treated with the utmost confidentiality even if you use your name.

The BKMS portal must only be used to report serious compliance violations. Misuse of the system, for other purposes, may constitute a criminal offence.

Access the SpeakUp hotline platform


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