Unifix has always set out to be an active partner for its customers. But this vision can only be achieved through a process of increasing proximity and sharing of market goals. This is why, thanks to substantial investments in digital transformation and harnessing of the potential offered by technology, the new “Connected to you” division has emerged.



In an increasingly online and digital world, Unifix has never faltered from the company mission: offering innovative solutions that satisfy customer/partners. Thus it has opted to exploit all the potential offered by today’s technology, investing strongly in the digital transition and, particularly, in the creation of “ConsuLive”. This is a room designed to allow Unifix partners (without leaving their own premises) to enjoy an immersive experience within an ideal showroom. It’s an effective way to amplify and integrate the direct support offered by your Sales Consultants, to better understand the potential linked to concepts of goods rotation, visual merchandising and everything else that is necessary to ensure maximum profitability per square metre, based on the specific needs of each retail store.


ConsuLive is the new innovative service created by Unifix to allow customers to comfortably enter our home, without leaving theirs. You can select your preferred time and a specialised Sales Consultant will be available for a video call to explain all the Unifix solutions designed to increase our partners’ business:

  • Uniformat
  • Uniformat / DIY
  • Uniformat / PHWS
  • Retail360
  • Unifix Shop System
  • UAcademy
and much more. It will be possible to take a tour of the various solutions designed for the retail store, receive details on the latest upcoming news, or request personalised advice based on individual and specific needs.


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Unifix is convinced (borne out by its own approach) that the world of traditional retailers will only have a future if they are able to improve and update themselves. Thus, it intends to abandon the concept of “supplier”, evolving instead that of “active partner”, closely linked and engaged, able to offer increasingly efficient solutions with the aim of simplifying and improving the work of retailers through the use of three main drivers: innovation, flexibility and readiness for constant improvement.


With this in mind, an actual television studio was created within the Terlano headquarters; through cutting-edge digital technology, it allows the creation of virtual places that can be modified according to the needs of the individual customer. A digital, yet concrete, space where it is possible to: Learn more about issues related to changes in the world of work. Talk to our experts to obtain advice on specific topics related to the products. Compare economic data to understand where you can intervene to optimise sales processes. Discover data on market forecasts. ...but also to fully enter the world of Unifix solutions, with the aim of producing “high-performance” also through an improvement in the quality of life within its stores and in the consumer experience.

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